Itinerant Exhibition

The “Hansen Stories” exhibition takes the visitor to a set of memories, told in the first person, who shared the same space – the Hospital Colónia Rovisco Pais (Tocha – Cantanhede), the last and only Leprosaria Nacional, specialized in the treatment of Hansen’s disease (1947 and 1996).

As part of the project “Rovisco Pais old leprosy – a museological nucleus and storytelling website” developed at the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine of the Centro Region – Rovisco Pais and supported by the Sasakawa Health Foundation (Japan), this exhibition includes a selection of fifteen “stories” from former users and former employees or visitors of the former Hospital of the collection published on the website with the same name and which have as a common characteristic the fact that they have never been shared.


This exhibition, which is easy to assemble and transport, can be given to institutions that wish to exhibit. The loan is free and must be requested through the form.