The Hospital Colónia Rovisco Pais Museum (NMHCRP) is located in one of the wings of the chapel of the old hospital, which is part of the complex of buildings of the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine in the Center Region – Rovisco Pais (Tocha, Cantanhede).

In its permanent exhibition, it displays to the public, for the first time, a significant set of cultural and scientific heritage of the former Hospital Colónia Rovisco Pais. The exhibition route invites the visitor to discover the last Portuguese leprosarium, through fragments of the past (objects, photographs and documents), representatives of the activities carried out at that Hospital and includes the following thematic nuclei:

  • Hospital Colónia Rovisco Pais, the last and only national leprosarium;
  • Chronology of combating and eradicating Hansen’s disease in Portugal;
  • The disease and the patients;
  • The laboratory, pharmacy and treatments;
  • Clinical services;
  • Daily life in the therapeutic village;
  • Assistance to the family of Hansen’s patients;

Visitors will be able to unveil the memories and experiences of their “actors” – patients and employees, discover the specifics of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of one of the oldest diseases – Hansen’s Disease, also known as Leprosy.

The visit to the NMHCRP is also an authentic “time journey” to the history of medicine, health and social assistance in the 20th century, which will certainly encourage its visitors to reflect, as holistic as possible, on the process or binomial health/disease, based on the example that serves as the theme of this new exhibition space.

The conception of the NMHCRP, aspired by the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine of the Centro Region – Rovisco Pais for several years, was guided by a strong commitment to materialized sustainability principles, both in the optimization of costs and resources, and in the processes of awareness, rescue and restoration of heritage. This commitment, and the reuse of materials and furniture from the old hospital, results in the fact that, in this space, everything constitutes, in itself, a “vehicle” of history, identity and collective memory.


The visit to the NMHCRP is free and accompanied by a guide. It must be scheduled, by appointment, through the following contacts:

Telephone: 231440900/231440966


or through the form below.


Quinta da Fonte Quente, Inácios, 3060-673 Tocha (Cantanhede)

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