World Leprosy Day

The Hospital Colónia Rovisco Pais Museum (NMHCRP) and the stories of this therapeutic village were featured in the regional and national press on the occasion of the celebrations of the World Leprosy Day.

The Museum of Hospital Colónia Rovisco Pais (NMHCRP) joins the global appeal “Dont Forget Leprosy!”, an initiative by the Sasakawa Health Foundation that aims to raise awareness of the world so that leprosy treatment is not interrupted or forgotten due to the context of the pandemic COVID-19, with the initiative “Rovisco Pais Museum appeal: don’t forget leprosy”.

In this context, in Portugal, the CMRRC-RP, through the NMHCRP, appeals to creativity with the opening of a Video Contest to be disseminated worldwide in this campaign. The winning video will be widely disseminated on social media and institutional websites on the occasion of Hansen’s World Day of the Sick, to be celebrated on January 30, 2022.

The contest will run from January 10 to 20, 2022.

The winning video will be published on Facebook, Youtube and institutional websites between January 30 and February 15, 2022.


To participate in this contest, the following dates must be taken into account:

1. Registration: until January 15, 2022
2. Delivery of the competing video: until 23:00 on January 20, 2022.
3. Selection of competing videos: until January 25, 2022.


The students of the Escola Profissional de Campanhã won the contest with this video